Online Family Therapy

Family problems are all the conflicts that affect a family and that hinder the good functioning and harmony between its members.

Why go for online family therapy?

A family conflict usually arises as a result of a heated conversation, a misunderstanding, jealousy or unconscious rivalries. It can also happen that the conflict is not related to something that has happened right now, but to something in the past. In this way, the current conflict may only be the visible aspect of an old, hidden plot.

On the other hand, problems should not be interpreted as a family failure but as an opportunity to reconsider the organisation of the family. Conflict signals that something is not working well and that a change is needed.

There are many types of family conflicts: between siblings, between parents and children, problems in the economic organisation, problems with the in-laws, and so on. Each requires special attention and treatment to avoid further conflict.

Is family therapy common?

It is absolutely normal to have conflicts with the people you live with on a daily basis.

For this reason, family problems are very common and most families must learn to deal with them. It is important to learn to identify them in order to solve them as soon as possible. When problems become entrenched the whole situation worsens. Bonds begin to fray and as time goes by it becomes more difficult to find a way out, even to the point of dissolving a family.

This extreme is very common in families that do not put remedy and normalise these conflicts, therefore, the harmony of the family group is worn out. When problems are not resolved, tension, stress and nervousness increase, generating greater conflict. Likewise, if they are not dealt with properly, they can trigger serious family arguments and confrontations from which sometimes there is no return.

Most frequent family problems:
Addictions of one or more family members.
Poor family finances.
Fights between siblings.
Disagreements about behaviour and parenting.
Conflicts with in-laws and/or other family members.
Physical or mental health problems of a family member.
Problems between parents and adolescent children.
Failure to talk to a family member.

We also offer services for companies

From My Emotional World we also offer companies our online psychotherapy services to create a healthier work environment, with motivated employees and with an optimal emotional well-being, which will result in a better overall performance of the company. Take care of the mental health of your employees!

What can I achieve with family therapy?

In order to deal with these problems, the first thing to do is to clearly identify the cause of the problem. Treatment varies depending on the type of family problem you are experiencing. Generally speaking, though, solving problems requires patience, communication, respect for others and empathy. This is always best done with a family psychologist or online family psychologist, who will guide us through the whole process more quickly and effectively.

An important part of avoiding these situations is listening. Listen to others without prejudices or preconceptions. To solve the problem it is essential to understand what is happening to the other family member. And in order to understand, it is necessary to be able to listen openly to what the other person has to say.

Another key to avoiding this problem is to talk.

What our patients say

The opinion of our patients and their testimonials on the improvement of their mental health and quality of life are our best endorsement.

"Very nice, I went because a friend recommended him to me and I am delighted, I also recommend him, he is very involved in my problem and has a lot of empathy. I feel supported and understood, also the techniques that he teaches me to apply help me a lot.da."

"It has helped me a lot in my personal and couple life, I am very happy to have gone to this consultation, I will always be grateful for her dedication to my problem".

"She helped me a lot with the anxiety I felt in my day to day life, she taught me to know myself and help me. I felt super comfortable at all times and understood, and thanks to the guidelines I learned with her I feel better with myself ! Thank you so much for helping me take the reins of my life !"

Solve all your doubts about our online therapy services.

What is My Emotional World?

My Emotional World is an online psychological care service to which you can connect from anywhere and at any time to receive your treatment with all the comforts. From My Emotional World you will have access to experienced psychologists specialized in the areas you need as online therapy for anxiety.

How long does the therapy last?

The duration of online therapy to treat anxiety depends on many factors and, therefore, each case will require a very different time. Some aspects that influence the duration of therapy are: personality and circumstances surrounding the person, their predisposition to therapy, factors to be treated, frequency with which they receive treatment, etc.

On average, users of our services undergo a therapeutic process of approximately 3 to 6 months.

How often is it advisable to have a session?

In general, it is recommended to have a periodicity between sessions between 7 and 10 days. With this periodicity you will be able to apply in your daily life the techniques learned during the sessions and analyze the results. Thanks to this, you will be able to incorporate all these new habits in a natural way.

Once the situation stabilizes, the period between online therapy sessions for anxiety could be extended.

Is my information and data protected?

In My Emotional World we are committed to keep your personal data and any information related to online therapy confidential. In this way, we ensure that we comply with all the measures required by the Personal Data Protection Act (LPD), as stated in the legal terms and conditions of use of our services.