Online couple therapy

With online couples therapy we help all types of couples to recognise and resolve conflicts, and thus improve their relationships. Through this therapy, we try to provide you with the right tools so that you can make thoughtful decisions about how to rebuild and strengthen your relationship or go your separate ways, if you consider it appropriate after having worked through the conflicts.

What can I achieve with online couples therapy?

Online couples counselling can help couples in all kinds of intimate relationships, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status and length of time together. There are couples who come to therapy to strengthen their relationship, and it can also help to gain a deeper understanding of each other and thus help to resolve their differences.

In which cases is couples counselling beneficial?

In other cases, couples come to an online couple psychologist to improve a problematic relationship, derived from some causes such as:


Communication problems

When there is a communication problem, we think that it is the other person’s fault. That it is he who does not know how to listen or express himself, but we must be aware that we are both responsible and part of the problem. If we focus on the other, we only waste our time and energy. The most effective and most satisfying work is the work I do on myself.

Sexual difficulties

Having a fulfilling sex life is a very important part of adult life and relationships. When we think that this is not the case, or we feel that something has changed, we no longer enjoy it as much, or even that sex becomes painful or burdensome, and because of this, relationship problems can arise.


Anger is a very destructive emotion for a relationship. When we live together, our personalities, priorities, expectations, interests and ways of doing things can clash. When you spend a lot of time with your partner you start to get to know each other’s personality very well and, above all, their more negative side; defects, pet peeves… you end up being hypercritical of your partner, blaming them for any situation, which generates anger and rage. If the partner does not make an effort to overcome this anger, it will turn into rage as soon as it appears, and will end up endangering the integrity of the partner. Because, even if the couple recognises that they are really in love, what cannot happen is that they get angry day in and day out, as this will end up eroding the relationship, diminishing the love and spacing out the happy moments they used to have. In this way, a couple that used to be solid will reach a point where it will no longer be so, as the wear and tear will wreak havoc.


There are several reasons for forgiving an infidelity, such as the fact that the other person is sorry, that you have built a life together, that you have children together or that you are still looking in the same direction. In fact, infidelity can be a turning point that allows you to strengthen your relationship. However, no matter what decision you make, it is important to rebuild your self-esteem and develop a healthy relationship with your current or future partners so that the infidelity does not become a burden that prevents you from fully enjoying your relationship.

Parenting conflicts

Some couples tend to look at parenthood only from the romantic aspect. However, the arrival of that first baby brings many changes that can introduce a number of conflicts within the couple. There are households in which the responsibilities of a child fall on one parent, or the educational model of each parent is different and problems arise in the upbringing of infants. Stress also plays an important role in this type of problem.

Also, in the adolescent stage of the children’s relationship with their parents, conflicts can arise that are difficult to manage.


Substance abuse

Often the person who abuses certain substances thinks that he or she can stop the addiction at any time, and this misunderstood concept of self-sufficiency will lead him or her to make the mistake of continuing to use the drug. Reality shows that without the individual’s firm decision and without the support of the family or partner, it is not easy to achieve this. Destroyed homes, broken relationships, dysfunctional families, permanent violence, are some of the consequences when there is a partner in this situation. As the dependency increases, it becomes a difficult task for your emotional circle, intimate relationships can be ruined and you may even lose your partner. The important thing is to make the decision to take action and work to change the situation.

Benefits of online therapy for couples

The best help in these cases is a psychologist experienced in couples therapy.

Making this decision can be difficult, however, if you have a complicated relationship, seeking help is more effective than ignoring the problems or waiting for them to resolve themselves. Sometimes taking the first step and admitting that the relationship needs help is the hardest part.

What our patients say

The opinion of our patients and their testimonials on the improvement of their mental health and quality of life are our best endorsement.

"Very nice, I went because a friend recommended him to me and I am delighted, I also recommend him, he is very involved in my problem and has a lot of empathy. I feel supported and understood, also the techniques that he teaches me to apply help me a lot.da."

"It has helped me a lot in my personal and couple life, I am very happy to have gone to this consultation, I will always be grateful for her dedication to my problem".

"She helped me a lot with the anxiety I felt in my day to day life, she taught me to know myself and help me. I felt super comfortable at all times and understood, and thanks to the guidelines I learned with her I feel better with myself ! Thank you so much for helping me take the reins of my life !"

Solve all your doubts about our online therapy services.

What is My Emotional World?

My Emotional World is an online psychological care service to which you can connect from anywhere and at any time to receive your treatment with all the comforts. From My Emotional World you will have access to experienced psychologists specialized in the areas you need as online therapy for anxiety.

How long does the therapy last?

The duration of online therapy to treat anxiety depends on many factors and, therefore, each case will require a very different time. Some aspects that influence the duration of therapy are: personality and circumstances surrounding the person, their predisposition to therapy, factors to be treated, frequency with which they receive treatment, etc.

On average, users of our services undergo a therapeutic process of approximately 3 to 6 months.

How often is it advisable to have a session?

In general, it is recommended to have a periodicity between sessions between 7 and 10 days. With this periodicity you will be able to apply in your daily life the techniques learned during the sessions and analyze the results. Thanks to this, you will be able to incorporate all these new habits in a natural way.

Once the situation stabilizes, the period between online therapy sessions for anxiety could be extended.

Is my information and data protected?

In My Emotional World we are committed to keep your personal data and any information related to online therapy confidential. In this way, we ensure that we comply with all the measures required by the Personal Data Protection Act (LPD), as stated in the legal terms and conditions of use of our services.