Online child psychologist

Very often parents do not know why their children behave inappropriately. For this reason, with our online child psychology service we will help you to understand these actions and establish guidelines to work at home as well as working directly with the child.

Why request a child psychologist?

The assigned online child psychologist will look at a number of important factors as the child grows up. This will help to ensure that the care is effective and that the tactics applied to correct the behaviour are appropriate. So it is always very important to learn how to help children and understand certain attitudes in them, in order to know how to mediate certain situations correctly.

Through online child psychology, the study of children’s behaviour during their growth is carried out. This is done from birth to adolescence, which is important as this is the main stage in which children mould their personality.

Psychological problems

The online specialist or online youth psychologist will give observations to the parents so that they are aware of any irregularities or phenomena that can be detected in the child’s psychic evolution. This is in addition to cognitive, physical, social, perceptual and many other aspects. Some of the psychological problems we work with are:


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

It is one of the most common disorders during childhood, and depending on the type it can last into adulthood. In general, children often have problems concentrating, however, this should diminish as they get older. If this problem persists over time, they may be suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Below, we will look at the behaviours that parents can recognise in a child with ADHD. If the little one in the house shows this type of behaviour, the best thing to do is to see a child psychologist. In this way, there will be a chance that they will be able to make a diagnosis and treat the problem appropriately:

Constantly forgetting or losing things

Not respecting turns

Talks excessively

Has problems relating to others.


Aggressive behaviour

This is one of the most frequent reasons for children’s online consultations. This problem occurs when the child’s main objective is to harm an object or person.

Likewise, this is often accompanied by disobedience or hostile attitudes when receiving punishment. For this reason, a specialist in child psychology will be able to guide the child and the parents to make the right decisions so that this behaviour disappears.


Separation of parents

A separation of parents can affect school performance, self-esteem, social relationships and other aspects that must be taken into account. Therefore, this reason should be treated with great care, and in general, even if parents treat this situation in the best possible way so as not to harm their child, it is common that it is not enough, so it would be advisable to see a psychologist specialised in children.


Bullying is the intentional and repeated exposure of a child to physical and psychological harm by another child, or a group of children, when he/she attends school. The bully takes advantage of an imbalance of power that exists between him and his victim to obtain a benefit, while the bullied feels defenceless and can develop a series of psychological disorders that directly affect his health or even, in extreme situations, self-destructive behaviour.

This requires a specialist in child psychology as they will have problems relating to other people in the future.



After obtaining the diagnosis, it is very important to start an appropriate intervention adapted to the person, his/her family and environment. It has been proved that an early and adequate intervention improves the prognosis of the person and, therefore, his quality of life and that of his family. The sooner a diagnosis is made, the sooner specific and specialised intervention can begin.

Early intervention is the key for every person with ASD to reach their full potential. In addition, an early diagnosis also helps the emotional situation of families, which also has a positive impact on people with ASD.

We also offer services for companies

From My Emotional World we also offer companies our online psychotherapy services to create a healthier work environment, with motivated employees and with an optimal emotional well-being, which will result in a better overall performance of the company. Take care of the mental health of your employees!


Anxiety disorder

Children may suffer from anxiety due to fear or worry. As a consequence, it is possible that it may generate a series of social, school and even family inconveniences. For this reason, parents should observe their children’s behaviour on a daily basis, in order to identify any anomaly that may be causing irregular behaviour.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can be caused by bullying, feelings of guilt, lack of recognition of achievements and other factors that a child and adolescent psychologist will be able to detect.

Although they are in their growth stage and this is when they begin to develop their self-esteem, it is possible that it may produce a certain instability. For this reason, it is necessary for parents to be attentive, as it is very important to maintain the psychological well-being of their children.

Is child therapy important?

There are a lot of psychological problems that need to be detected during childhood in order to solve them as soon as possible. For this reason, having a trusted specialist is always advisable.

In child psychology, each of these details is important for children’s growth to be as stable as possible. For this reason, if you notice any recurring strange behaviour, the best thing to do is to call a specialist.

Child psychology is much more complex than it seems. The most common problems that begin to emerge in children are behavioural and conduct problems. It is in these situations that parents turn to a child psychologist to deal with the way their children react in different situations.

What our patients say

The opinion of our patients and their testimonials on the improvement of their mental health and quality of life are our best endorsement.

"Very nice, I went because a friend recommended him to me and I am delighted, I also recommend him, he is very involved in my problem and has a lot of empathy. I feel supported and understood, also the techniques that he teaches me to apply help me a lot.da."

"It has helped me a lot in my personal and couple life, I am very happy to have gone to this consultation, I will always be grateful for her dedication to my problem".

"She helped me a lot with the anxiety I felt in my day to day life, she taught me to know myself and help me. I felt super comfortable at all times and understood, and thanks to the guidelines I learned with her I feel better with myself ! Thank you so much for helping me take the reins of my life !"

Solve all your doubts about our online therapy services.

What is My Emotional World?

My Emotional World is an online psychological care service to which you can connect from anywhere and at any time to receive your treatment with all the comforts. From My Emotional World you will have access to experienced psychologists specialized in the areas you need as online therapy for anxiety.

How long does the therapy last?

The duration of online therapy to treat anxiety depends on many factors and, therefore, each case will require a very different time. Some aspects that influence the duration of therapy are: personality and circumstances surrounding the person, their predisposition to therapy, factors to be treated, frequency with which they receive treatment, etc.

On average, users of our services undergo a therapeutic process of approximately 3 to 6 months.

How often is it advisable to have a session?

In general, it is recommended to have a periodicity between sessions between 7 and 10 days. With this periodicity you will be able to apply in your daily life the techniques learned during the sessions and analyze the results. Thanks to this, you will be able to incorporate all these new habits in a natural way.

Once the situation stabilizes, the period between online therapy sessions for anxiety could be extended.

Is my information and data protected?

In My Emotional World we are committed to keep your personal data and any information related to online therapy confidential. In this way, we ensure that we comply with all the measures required by the Personal Data Protection Act (LPD), as stated in the legal terms and conditions of use of our services.