Online anxiety psychologist

If you have anxiety problems that prevent you from fully enjoying life, we can help you with an online therapy for anxiety personalised for you.

From My Emotional World we put at your disposal the best professionals specialised in anxiety so that you can detect all the problems that generate anxiety and learn the tools to help you overcome it.

What types of online therapy for anxiety do we offer?

From My Emotional World we want to put at your disposal all the facilities so that you can receive the best online therapy for anxiety from the comfort of the place you prefer, with all the advantages that this entails.

Choose the type of online anxiety treatment that best suits your needs and circumstances:


Live chat service with a previously assigned psychologist with whom you will have all subsequent sessions unless you request a change of professional.


Live video call service with a previously assigned psychologist and with whom you will have all the sessions unless you request a change of professional.

Video call + chat

This modality of online psychotherapy includes both services, the most complete modality so that you can receive all the assistance you need! We are with you at any time and from anywhere.

Steps to follow to get started with online therapy for anxiety

If you want to take a step further and start taking care of your mental health, you can request your first online therapy session for anxiety with My Emotional World right now. We explain, step by step, how you can do it:


Choose the modality

The first step to start receiving online help to overcome anxiety is to choose the modality that best suits your preferences and needs: chat, video call or chat + video call.

In addition, you can choose to enjoy weekly, monthly or bimonthly sessions, so that your therapy is more economical. At My Emotional World we put all the facilities at your fingertips!

Book a date and time for your session

The next step is to meet the professional who will be in charge of your online therapy for anxiety during all the sessions. At this point, you will be able to book the first session on the day and time of your choice.

From My Emotional World we adapt to you so you can enjoy your sessions and online treatment for anxiety from wherever you want and whenever you want, with all the possible comforts.

Start your anxiety treatment online

The last step would be to enjoy your online therapy session for anxiety on the date and time chosen, through the modality you have selected. You will already be one step closer to having a better quality of life and a good emotional state!

With My Emotional World you will always have the sessions with the same professional so that he/she can carry out an adequate follow-up to help you achieve your goals. But, if you need it, you can request a change whenever you need it and you will be assigned a new psychologist for your next sessions.

Contact us to overcome your anxiety if…

  • You wish to improve your emotional health.
  • You have difficulty concentrating or keeping your mind blank.
  • You experience tension, irritability and problems falling asleep.
  • You suffer from headaches or muscle aches.
  • You notice that you are more impatient and restless than usual.
  • You find yourself in a  state of permanent tension and anxiety in any area of your daily life.
  • You feel that you are more irritable and have a feeling of constant worry about impending danger.
  • You perceive that you have a  greater emotional blockage than usual.

From My Emotional World we can help you to put an end to all these symptoms with the help of the best online psychologists specialised in anxiety. A life keeping anxiety under control is possible!

Anxiety is one of the most common and widespread problems in society today. That is why we want to offer you the best professional help so that you are able to overcome this problem and acquire all the necessary tools to face your daily life without this problem and therefore enjoy a better quality of life and an adequate emotional well-being. Shall we start working together to achieve this? We are waiting for you!”

You too can overcome your anxiety with My Emotional World.

If you want to learn and acquire the necessary tools to manage anxiety and stop all the symptoms associated with it, you can do it with the best professional help and the psychologists specialised in anxiety that we put at your disposal.

There are already many people who enjoy a better quality of life and emotional balance thanks to My Emotional World.

Benefits of online therapy for anxiety

Receiving treatment for anxiety online provides numerous benefits and advantages:

  • Therapy is tailored to you and your needs: you can choose the day and time you want and receive your treatment from the place that suits you best.
  • Receiving your anxiety therapy online facilitates work-life balance and gives you greater flexibility to organise other aspects of your life without having to give up taking care of your mental health.
  • You will enhance your personal growth and start to feel better.

Online anti-anxiety therapy for companies

In addition to individual online anxiety treatments, we offer you our online anxiety therapy service for companies. In this way, you will create a healthier work environment, with more motivated and productive employees.

Taking care of your employees’ mental health will have a positive impact on the company. Monitor the anxiety and stress levels of your employees and provide them with the right tools for their management through a specialized and really effective online anti-anxiety therapy.

Work is one of the most frequent and widespread causes of anxiety. Contact My Emotional World and address the anxiety problems of your employees!

What our patients say

The opinion of our patients and their testimonials on the improvement of their mental health and quality of life are our best endorsement.

"Very nice, I went because a friend recommended him to me and I am delighted, I also recommend him, he is very involved in my problem and has a lot of empathy. I feel supported and understood, also the techniques that he teaches me to apply help me a lot.da."

"It has helped me a lot in my personal and couple life, I am very happy to have gone to this consultation, I will always be grateful for her dedication to my problem".

"She helped me a lot with the anxiety I felt in my day to day life, she taught me to know myself and help me. I felt super comfortable at all times and understood, and thanks to the guidelines I learned with her I feel better with myself ! Thank you so much for helping me take the reins of my life !"

Solve all your doubts about our online therapy services.

What is My Emotional World?

My Emotional World is an online psychological care service to which you can connect from anywhere and at any time to receive your treatment with all the comforts. From My Emotional World you will have access to experienced psychologists specialized in the areas you need as online therapy for anxiety.

How long does the therapy last?

The duration of online therapy to treat anxiety depends on many factors and, therefore, each case will require a very different time. Some aspects that influence the duration of therapy are: personality and circumstances surrounding the person, their predisposition to therapy, factors to be treated, frequency with which they receive treatment, etc.

On average, users of our services undergo a therapeutic process of approximately 3 to 6 months.

How often is it advisable to have a session?

In general, it is recommended to have a periodicity between sessions between 7 and 10 days. With this periodicity you will be able to apply in your daily life the techniques learned during the sessions and analyze the results. Thanks to this, you will be able to incorporate all these new habits in a natural way.

Once the situation stabilizes, the period between online therapy sessions for anxiety could be extended.

Is my information and data protected?

In My Emotional World we are committed to keep your personal data and any information related to online therapy confidential. In this way, we ensure that we comply with all the measures required by the Personal Data Protection Act (LPD), as stated in the legal terms and conditions of use of our services.