About Us

Specialists in distance therapy..

My Emotional World arises to respond to a need and alleviate the difficult access to mental health, something fundamental but very little valued in society. These difficulties are due to the scarce number of psychologists in the public health system, which leads to a long wait that is difficult to maintain on certain occasions when the difficulties and emotional discomfort overcome us. It is also intended to offer an alternative to the usual private health care that has a high price in the sessions and not everyone can afford it.

Qualified professionals

We pay special attention to having highly qualified and committed professionals. Our team is made up of empathetic and emotionally available people, with a vocation for their profession and offering confidentiality and protection of patient data at all times.

All of them are members of a professional association and are guided by the code of ethics of psychology.


Advantages of the online method
Economic facility: Session vouchers
Simple method to book an appointment and start the session.
Therapy from any device
Therapy from anywhere in the world.
Access to more specialised professionals.
Flexibility of schedules.

We also offer services for companies

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We are born as an economically accessible alternative, making available to the patient session vouchers and thus, allowing a complete therapeutic process, in which the cost is not a problem to achieve emotional well-being.

In addition, we also offer facilities in the form of access to therapy, as we have a very simple method to request an appointment and enter the session.

Being online we can perform the therapy from any device and from anywhere, with flexibility in schedules, adapting to the patient and their routines.

The online method offers several advantages such as access to professionals, from anywhere, specialized in each specific psychological problem or continue with the therapy despite being on leisure or work trips, or even if you live abroad.

Trato seek

Our work policy implies a very personal and close treatment with the patient, as well as a good atmosphere during the therapeutic sessions. The aim is to accompany the person during the therapeutic process, in pleasant sessions in which the patient feels comfortable and supported to achieve emotional well-being.